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Christine and Jessica have immensely changed the way I approach my work. They have taught me so many different ways in order to pay the respects to a character I’m asked to play or I’m auditioning for; It’s like having a tool box. The more tools you have ready to go the better chance you have to get the job done. It’s great to have them both as coaches because they both have their own process to coaching, however, they have the same objective; to simply tell the story or in other words to bring characters and stories to life. They push their students to accelerate and to improve. They are wonderful coaches, colleagues and friends. And they’re fun too! We are very lucky to have access to their knowledge.

Dylan Schmid [IMDb link]

dylan-square(From Sherri Schmid, Dylan Schmid’s mom:) Christine is an expert acting coach. My son Dylan gained tremendous acting experience while working with Christine. Since he has coached with Christine he has been hired for larger projects such as Once Upon a Time, Fringe, Falling Skies, Horns, and Bunks. I recommend Christine as not only a great coach and friend, but also as a professional actor herself. Her acting ability is amazing. She takes pride in her work and is extremely passionate. We love her and hope she stays around for us for many years to come! Thanks Christine!

Alison SomerVille

alison-squareI cannot speak highly enough about Jessica Van der Veen as an acting coach or a human being. I was coached by Jessica for 3 years when I was a beginner actor and she helped me to set up a solid foundation for myself. She taught me all the very important basics such as how to break down a scene, how to choose a good objective and, most importantly, how to rehearse! She also encouraged me to trust myself and my instincts which is extremely important. In a lot of classes, these acting tools are just skipped over but Jessica always said she wanted to make us self-sufficient artists. That is exactly what I became through studying with her and it has served me so well in my career. Her coaching was thorough, fun and I always felt like I was in a safe environment which is very important so that your work can come from a relaxed place.  I have no doubt that my early training with Jessica played a pivotal role in my future success as an actor and I would encourage anyone from beginner to advanced to study with Jessica. In all my years of being an actor in various cities across Canada, I’ve truly never had a better coach. I only wish she was closer to me so I could get coachings from her more often!

Some of Alison’s selected credits include: Magenta/Usherette in “The Rocky Horror Show” – Canadian Stage Company (Toronto)/Manitoba Theatre Centre(Winnipeg), Ensemble in “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”-Theatre Calgary, Bagheera in “The Jungle Book”-Neptune Theatre (Halifax).

Stacey Ando, RED Management

red-squareI have worked with top West Coast talent, agents, and casting directors for over 20 years. When I started representing actors on Vancouver Island, I reached out to the best coach I know – Christine Willes. With Christine’s help, my young clients have booked major roles. I can’t recommend her highly enough.