Private Coaching Services

CAST Victoria offers several types of coaching. Choose from preparation for film, TV, or theatre auditions; private skills development; and career consultation.

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Jessica and Christine can be booked to meet you personally to work on audition preparation or general skills.



Whether you're at a callback in LA or in Toronto filming a pilot, we can be there working with you via Skype, phone or FaceTime.


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Producers sometimes hire a dialogue coach for young performers. You can request either Jessica or Christine; both are experienced on set coaches.


Coaching Rates

We offer our services at competitive rates for both professional and entry-level actors. We know it can be tough starting out, so until you get your first paying gig, we have special rates for you.



 For actors who HAVE
booked a professional job. 

$65/hour (inc. GST)

Entry Level

For actors who have NOT
booked a professional job. 

$45/hour (inc. GST)



We offer classes & workshops from time to time when our busy careers permit! 



Jessica is offering twice weekly Scene Study classes enrolling on a monthly basis. These acting classes offer specific tools to improve your rehearsal skills, moment before, role preparation, and physical and vocal commitment.  At a maximum of 10 people, the classes are fun and personalized.

You will leave every class with strong technique you can use in film, television, or theatre.  


Directing actors is a course on how to talk to and work with actors so that you can get their best work in service to the story you are telling in your film.

This is a course of 8 hours, to be done as a one-day workshop or over two days on a weekend. I will:

  1. Explain how to talk to actors so that they can translate your thoughts into action
  2. Explain the vocabulary that is most effective when speaking with actors.
  3. Explain how to set up a scene so that actors can respond to real sensory information
  4. Explain what you can expect from actors and what you cannot.
  5. Explain how to prepare for working with actors before you get to the set.


The rest of the course will consist of each participant working with actors on a scene which I will provide so that the Directors can actually practice talking to the actors and using actor language and then see the results in real time. Under my guidance, every participant in the course will do the praxis for at least 15 minutes – this is where the deep learning occurs.

Maximum 12 people.